Vince Staples shares poignant tribute to Mac Miller
(Credit: Motown Records)


Vince Staples shares poignant tribute to Mac Miller

In an emotional new interview, Vince Staples has shared memories of his late friend Mac Miller.

Miller took Staples under his wing earlier in his career by taking him on the road with him and refused to take royalties from a 2013 mixtape he co-produced for the Californian. Speaking in a new interview with Hot 97, Staples looked back at their friendship and said that not only did Miller provide him with bundles of advice, but opportunity too.

“He gave me advice but also opportunity, I would say is the easiest way to put it,” Staples explained. “Like, ‘You should be doing more music, but I’m also gonna help you with the beats. And I’m not gonna charge you, and I’m gonna take you on tour, and I’m gonna kind of help you figure out how tour goes, and I’m gonna make sure you don’t have any expenses on tour.’ And that kind of just put me in a good position to be set up.”

Staples also discussed his visits to Miller’s house, which was where their friendship was truly built. “You can tell that I was really squeezed into it,” he said. “You know, I always appreciated that, him giving me a relationship with [Schoolboy] Q… I met him at his house, I never met him before. I ended up going on tour for Q’s Oxymoron album and Q helped me learn about tempos and all that comes from Mac.”

He added: “I met a lot of people at Mac’s house. I met [Ab] Soul at Mac’s house. I met Thundercat at Mac’s house. It’s honestly too many people to name, because everyone was always over there.

“But his studio was a very interesting place in a sense of who you could run into. Just the relationships he had with other people made it a good environment. I done seen Future at Mac’s house.”

Watch the interview below.