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Vince Staples announces new self-titled album and shares ‘Law of Averages’

Vince Staples - 'Law Of Averages'

Vince Staples is back with his brand new single, ‘Law of Averages’, and he’s got a self-titled album dropping next month.

Staples hasn’t released an album since his thematic 2018 effort, FM!, which was framed around the rapper taking over a radio show and allowed the listener to get wrapped up in his unique universe.

“It really gives much more information about me that wasn’t out there before. That’s why I went with that title. I feel like I’ve been trying to tell the same story,” Staples explained in a statement.

“As you go on in life, your point of view changes. This is another take on myself that I might not have had before,” he added.

The new track ‘Law Of Averages’ sees Staples unleash his ferocious side. On the opening verse, he spits: “Fuck a bitch, I don’t trust no bitch with my government, Fuck a friend, I don’t want no friends with no open hands, Count my bands, all alone at home, don’t you call my phone, Everyone that I’ve ever known asked me for a loan, Leave me ‘lone, .44 Stallone, get a n***a a gone, Raging Bull, this not Paid in Full but I kill my own.”

Check out the track below.