Unreleased XXXTentacion songs to be available as NFTs
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Unreleased XXXTentacion songs to be available as NFTs

The estate of the late rapper XXXTentacion – real name Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy – have announced they will be selling five non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The tokens will be made up of previously unreleased material, and the project is in collaboration with New York-based crypto-collectable upstart YellowHeart. His manager Solomon ‘Sounds’ Sobande, along with the rapper’s estate, ran by his mother Cleopatra Bernard, are in charge of the venture.

The collection that will be available as NFTs includes live footage from the rapper along with five tracks that never received an official release, despite XXXTentacion uploading them to his SoundCloud page.

“Although they were all big on SoundCloud, we never had the opportunity to monetise them or bring them off-platform,” Sobande told Rolling Stone. He also revealed that the tracks they are selling were whittled down by “a bunch” of hardcore XXXTentacion fans that they surveyed.

“Some of these songs aren’t even on his SoundCloud page anymore. There are just the remnants of them being reposted. These were the songs that built his career and led up to the explosion he had,” Solange continued.

The manager added: “I’m sure he would’ve made music just for this. For him, the record label stuff, distribution stuff, and all that stuff was extra. He just wanted to get the music out, touch his fans, and have a relationship with his core audience. There’s so much red tape you have to cut and go around when you’re trying to do an album, and you wouldn’t necessarily have to do that if you were doing an NFT.”