Universal sued by King Crimson over Kanye West’s ‘Power’ sample
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Universal sued by King Crimson over Kanye West’s ‘Power’ sample

Universal Music Group is facing a lawsuit after King Crimson’s copyright holder sued Kanye West over a dispute regarding the sample of ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’ in his song ‘Power’.

According to Variety, Declan Colgan Music Ltd is claiming that Universal have underpaid for the sample when it comes to the streaming royalties subsequently earned by ‘Power’.

The 2010 track from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy heavily features the work of the prog-rock band, and the band members are listed as credits, thus, they are entitled to a share of the royalties that the song earns. 

This pre-set royalty rate is 5.33% of future earnings, however, King Crimson’s copyright representatives are claiming that they have received much less than this when it comes to their share of streaming revenues. 

King Crimson’s Robert Fripp commented: “There is a longer story to be told, and likely to astound innocents and decent, ordinary people who believe that one is paid equitably for their work, and on the appointed payday.”

The case is currently being disputed at the High Court of Justice in the United Kingdom. As of yet, no agreement has been reached on the matter as legal teams continue to dispute the case.