Understanding why 50 Cent and Ciara went so wrong
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Understanding why 50 Cent and Ciara went so wrong

During the early 2000s, Queens rapper 50 Cent was in several public relationships. One of his first was with Viva A Fox. However, shortly after, the young superstar entered a relationship with R’n’B singer Ciara. At one point, it seemed like the two were about to become the world’s next power couple.

They were good-looking, wealthy, and even made music together, such as their collaboration on Ciara’s 2006 ballad ‘Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone.’ However, their relationship was short-lived, much to the disappointment of many who had hoped it would blossom into something bigger. The pair broke up in 2010 after only four years together. However, little is known about their initial split and what caused it.

Fans and the gossip-hungry media first gathered that the two had entered a relationship after Ciara released the music video for ‘Can’t Leave Em Alone’. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that the two celebrities made their romance official. Throughout their relationship, the rapper and singer remained extremely tight-lipped about the ins and outs of their romance and did not speak a word about their involvement to the press. However, they did show affection for each other at public events and celebrity get-togethers.

Their relationship lasted approximately three years before the couple split and decided to go their separate ways in 2010. At this time, nor the rapper (real name Curtis Jackson) nor the singer directly addressed how or why they chose to break up.

However, fans speculated that Ciara was letting on why in her 2012 song ‘Sorry,’ where she speaks (in an ambiguous manner) about an unnamed lover. In the track, she asks this person to apologize for their emotional unavailability. When the singer released the track, 50 Cent took to social media and tweeted, “ok, I’m sorry.”

The same year, Ciara made an appearance on the breakfast television show, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, and in the interview, cleared up rumours by clarifying the couple broke up as a result of 50 Cent’s alleged fear of love. Speaking to the hosts, she explained, “He’s obviously far from afraid of anything that he can control. But at the same time, him being not afraid of anything in that way. The one thing he is afraid of is love. And with that being said, in a sense, he’s afraid of me.”

Speaking to radio personality Howard Stern, Jackson claimed that the ‘1, 2 Step’ singer had apparently tried to make amends after the breakup. However, by this time, the rapper had already entered a relationship with TV personality Chelsea Handler. Ciara went on to date Atlanta rapper Future. Finally, she settled down with NFL player Russell Wilson who the singer would go on to marry in 2016. As of 2023, 50 Cent is in a relationship with celebrity personal trainer Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines. You can listen to Ciara talking about 50 Cent in the video below.