Tyler, The Creator shares new ‘Brown Sugar Salmon’ sketch for new album
(Credit: YouTube)


Tyler, The Creator shares new 'Brown Sugar Salmon' sketch for new album

An artist like no other, Tyler, The Creator, has been sharing snippets of his upcoming album Call Me If You Get Lost in the most unique way possible. Another sketch of the album has arrived in the form of a comedy skit.

The follow up to Igor was always likely to take a high concept approach, and the rapper has certainly made good on that notion. First hinting at a new album by releasing a telephone number that played a brief snippet of music, now the rapper has taken another step forward.

Releasing songs like ‘Lumberjack’ and ‘WUSYANAME’ is the first taste of the project, but the lingering aftertaste is the new comedy skit Tyler released on his YouTube channel, titled ‘Brown Sugar Salmon’.

Tyler turns himself into Mr Baudelaire and travels on a train through the countryside. “Oh, dude – I am so fucking hungry and I just want to eat,” the rapper tells the attendant in the carriage. “Could I get the brown sugar salmon?”

The rapper continues to go back and forth with the staff as he attempts but fails to firmly order his food. Offered “complementary yoghurt”, the rapper agrees, only to be let down once more. A silly skit it may be, but it’s an important reflection of Tyler, The Creator’s artistry.

It’s another step toward Call Me If You Get lost which, if nothing else, has seen Tyler continue to enact his holistic creative vision for his music.