Listen to Tyler, the Creator’s score for Virgil Abloh’s Paris Louis Vuitton show
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Listen to Tyler, the Creator’s score for Virgil Abloh’s Paris Louis Vuitton show

Tyler, the Creator, has curated the score for the late Virgil Abloh’s fashions show in Paris for Louis Vuitton.

The luxury brand held their Men’s Fall-Winter 2022 show at the Carreau du Temple over this past week, and it also included Tyler appearing on the catwalk riding a bicycle at the end.

A description for the even reads, “The 𝓛𝓸𝓾𝓲𝓼 Dreamhouse™️ presents the Men’s Fall-Winter 2022 Collection, consolidating the themes and messages of the eight-season arc Virgil Abloh created for Louis Vuitton. Imagining a metaphysical space of possibility, the Carreau du Temple in Paris is transformed into a mind-expanding interior of ideas, prospects and encouragement.

“Through the lens of Virgil Abloh’s central Boyhood Ideology®, seeing the world with the eyes of a child, the collection transmutes the dress codes popularly tied to societal archetypes and patchworks them in new ways. Through materials and techniques, gestures of surrealism take form, abstracting the familiar and expanding our horizons.”

Tyler was particularly close with Abloh were particularly close. Following the designer’s death, the rapper shared a poignant tribute on Instagram alongside a gallery of the pair together.

“Sir Abloh was a true geek about things,” he wrote in the caption. “Passion seeped through everything he did. Whether a random set of songs we’ve never heard or what Pantone the wing of a plane should be, he always meant it.”

He added, “Sometimes, part of us sharing our wild ideas is to get approval from our peers to keep it pushing, but Virgil was ALWAYS a cheerleader. For everyone. That hand of his opened doors, led people in and tossed the keys outside for the next person to have.

“I wish I was able to see him see what his helping hand did for me. His spirit is around tho. I feel it. He’ll see it. I’ll keep pushing and trying things while leaving the door open. He’ll shake those pom-poms. We’ll keep that on loop. Safe travels,” Tyler said.

Listen to his score below.