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Tyler, The Creator recruits Pharrell for new track ‘Come On, Let’s Go’

Tyler, the Creator - 'Come On, Let's Go'

Pharrell Williams has produced the new Tyler, the Creator track ‘Come On, Let’s Go’, and it’s a lethal combination.

Unfortunately, the release of the new single doesn’t mark the start of a new album campaign from Tyler, and it’s the final track on Japanese fashion icon Nigo’s new compilation album, I Know Nigo.

The energetic track is huge, and Tyler sounds like he’s having a ball as he blitzes through verses on ‘Come On, Let’s Go’, which is bound to get anyone hyped up.

Something magical happens when Tyler and Pharrell join forces as they’ve previously demonstrated on ‘IFHY’, ‘Keep Da O’s’, ‘Are We Still Friends?’ and the Lil Uzi Vert accompanied ‘Juggernaut’.

Getting to work with Williams is a dream come true for Tyler, who previously took to Instagram to celebrate the 10th anniversary of In My Mind.

He wrote: “Being 15 Black not really ‘interested’ in what the majority of my peers were into, it made me feel safe. I was optimistic, always daydreaming and setting goals so I felt you were directly speaking to me … I’m now a young entrepreneur all because I believed you when you said I could be … I never had brothers, uncles or my father around so thank you for being the male figure I gravitated to.”

While ‘Come On, Let’s Go’ is less than two minutes long, the zest they bottle into the track is enough to make you feel vigorous for the rest of the day. In truth, the only issue is that it’s so short and requires a wheel-up.