Tyler, The Creator opening Golf Wang pop-up shops worldwide
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Tyler, The Creator opening Golf Wang pop-up shops worldwide

In 2011 Tyler, The Creator, alongside his crew Odd Future established a streetwear brand named Golf Wang (a play on Alexander Wang), and the emcee has now announced that over the Christmas holidays, he will be opening a series of pop-up shops worldwide.

The pop-ups will appear in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Currently, the brand has three permanent locations in Los Angeles, New York and London, but the lyricist wants to expand for the holiday season.

Golf Wang pop-up shops will arrive in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, Toyko, Melbourne, and London. Stores will also appear in Seoul. However, the LA native (real name Tyler Okonma) has remained tight-lipped about its exact location.

As well as Europe, Asia and Australia, Okonma has announced that he will be setting up shop in various US cities including Austin, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix and Washington, D.C.

The surprise stores will sell the latest FW23 collection, as well as graffiti airbrush-inspired art pieces featured on different clothing such as T-shirts, fleeces, jackets and accessories. Furthermore, Okonma’s music will also be available to buy on vinyl.

The Flower Boy musician recently hosted his Camp Flog Gnaw festival and invited surprise guests such as Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem on stage to perform ‘The Hillbillies.’ The rhymer has also been speaking about the lack of music journalism in hip-hop.

In an interview with Narduwar, Okonma stated, “Music is my favourite thing, and I could talk about it all day. But we’re at a point where a musician who you know for music is being interviewed on a platform about music, talking in detail about music — his passion and what he’s known for — and people are like, ‘Why does he keep doing that?’”

He continued, “We need to stop fucking going sneaker shopping or fucking deep-throating hot wings for an hour. Talk about your album. Talk about music. Talk about the 15 songs that you guys have spent time to get mixed and mastered and put your heart into and produced and did all these things.”