Tyler, The Creator explains his “daughter” line from latest single
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Tyler, The Creator explains his "daughter" line from latest single

Tyler, The Creator fanatics have been running riot all over social media following the release of his latest single, ‘DOGTOOTH.’ However, his followers were particularly interested in a line where the California rapper mentions an unnamed daughter. The lyrics, facing intense scrutiny appear at the end of the track. As the musician draws the song to an end, listeners hear him declare, “If you don’t know my daughter name, then we ain’t really [dawgs].”

Lovers of the Odd Future frontman were confused as the lyricist (real name Tyler Okonma) had not alluded that he was becoming a father recently. As soon as the song was released, droves of fans took to social media to share their speculations and conspiracy theories concerning the line. Flooding Taking to Twitter with their confusion, one user wrote, “Wait, did Tyler just reveal he has a daughter #or is he just rappin?” Another tweeted, “was the daughter line a joke or…?”

Seeing the mess the line had caused, Okonma took to Twitter to clear up the confusion. “I don’t have kids and don’t plan on it, hahaha,” he wrote about thirty minutes after the track’s surprise release. So a mere thirty minutes after the track debuted, Tyler ended the Twitter firestorm. As it happens, the ‘Potato Salad’ rapper was simply rhyming and talking his humorous jargon as he often does.

Following the firestorm, fans continued to profess their love for the song and express their excitement concerning his upcoming project, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale. The body of work in the making will follow a mixtape format. Okonma has already proclaimed that it will be an expanded version of his acclaimed 2021 ‘Gangsta Grillz-style’ mixtape with the iconic and legendary DJ Drama, who is single-handedly responsible for all of Lil’ Wayne’s legendary mixtapes, including his Dedication mixtape series. 

You can listen to ‘DOGTOOTH’ and see Tyler, The Creator’s tweet below.