Tyler, The Creator directs new Converse advert starring Vince Staples
(Credit: Mehan Jayasuriya)


Tyler, The Creator directs new Converse advert starring Vince Staples

Tyler, The Creator has directed a new Converse advert, and he’s called upon some familiar faces, including Vince Staples and Henry Rollins, to appear in the hilarious clip.

Since 2017, Tyler has worked closely with Converse and created limited-edition versions of their classic shoes with his unique spin on them. In 2019, the rapper even shared his own special silhouette, the Converse Gianno.

He has now turned his attention to celebrating the classic Chuck 70s in this new advert. Tyler has brought together a diverse range of people for the film from different walks of life who all share their footwear in common.

In the video, names including Rollins, Staples, and legendary former SNL stalwart Tim Meadows all come together at the ‘Really Cool Converse Club’. “The name was not planned out,” Tyler told Dazed. “We couldn’t come up with a name, so we decided to come up with the cheapest name, and it was funny as hell, so it worked out.”

Explaining more about the advert, Tyler said he was inspired by the “many different pockets of people that wear Chucks, from skateboarders, to soccer moms, from the kids down the street, to older people, to some of the guys in the neighbourhood that I grew up with”.

He added: “There’s so many different types of people that wear this shoe and I just wanted to put them all in one place. Regardless of whether it makes sense or not, just seeing them all under the one roof was important.”

See the clip, below.