TY Dolla $ign’s favourite Eminem song of all time
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TY Dolla $ign’s favourite Eminem song of all time

Eminem, the rapper born as Marshall Mathers, is known worldwide as one of the first white emcees to be loved, accepted and embraced by the hip-hop community and is now considered among the best in the industry with regard to lyricism. With so many iconic songs, it would be hard for anyone to pick just one to name as their favourite, let alone another artist. With over two decades worth of quality material racked up, artists and fans alike are genuinely spoiled for choice.   

Having already been cited as an influence by artists such as Chance The Rapper and Jack Harlow, now L.A. singer TY Dolla $ign has stepped up to pay homage to the Detroit rapper, explaining to Complex his favourite Slim Shady moments and tracks. 

TY Dolla $ign, member of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang crew, is no rookie when it comes to hip hop and even met Shakur during his childhood. With over a decade in the game and hits to his name such as ‘Toot It and Boot It’, TY Dolla $ign knows his stuff. This is what he had to say when asked his opinion on Slim Shady.

When asked about Eminem and his best songs, the rapper declared that the best Eminem song is ‘Stan’, saying, “My favourite Eminem song is ‘Stan’ because that’s one of the best-written songs ever. He wrote the f*ck out of that song.” As well as his favourite song, the rapper (real name Tyrone Griffin) was asked if he could pick out Slim Shady’s best body of work. Although it was a tough pick, he finally decided, proclaiming, “The Slim Shady LP was incredible. From top to bottom, it was put together right, he killed the lyrics, and he was hungry.”

Griffin, when asked what his best Eminem moment is, concluded by saying Eminem is the best rapper ever as he stated, “My favourite Eminem moment has to be the MTV Awards when he came out with like a thousand Eminems. That was just like fucking very original and just classic. I’ll never forget that. Eminem is definitely the best rapper alive.”

Eminem greatly impacted TY Dolla $ign for him to be the best rapper alive. You can watch that legendary MTV performance in the video below.