Two suspects convicted in the murder case of Jam Master Jay
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Two suspects convicted in the murder case of Jam Master Jay

While the murder case of Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay has not been open for decades, two men have now been convicted in the slaying of the hip-hop legend.

Jay, full name Jason Mizell, had been shot in 2002 during a studio session, but the whereabouts of his assassins have been a mystery for years. Now, a jury has found both Karl Jordan Jr and Ronald Washington guilty of Jay’s murder.

On the night of the murder, Mizell had been working in the studio on several tracks, having started his own label and was working on fostering up-and-coming talent like 50 Cent. In the midst of recording, shots rang out in the studio, leaving Jay dead on the studio floor and the suspects unknown.

While Washington had been named as a suspect as far back as 2003, he had always denied any involvement in the murder, saying that he was outside when shots rang out. Jordan Jr had also been connected to the murders for some time, being Mizell’s godson and working under the nickname “Little D”.

As for motive, the prosecution argued that Mizell had turned towards dealing drugs to make ends meet, and Washington and Jordan had gone to the studio that night to exact revenge on him for his share of the money. Eyewitnesses say that Jordan at first greeted Mizell welcomingly before shots were fired, fatally wounding the DJ.

After Mizell collapsed onto the floor, studio aide Uriel Rincon testified that Washington sat at the entrance of the studio door brandishing a firearm. Both men had had personal connections with Mizell as well, Jordan being his godson and Washington sleeping over his sister’s house the night of the attack.

Neither of the accused took to the stand, instead talking through lawyers, whom are arguing that the eyewitnesses have changed their story from their previous testimony.