Tupac Shakur was “delusional” and “playing a role” according to a director
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Tupac Shakur was "delusional" and "playing a role" according to a director

Famous director Allen Hughes in an interview with John Heilemann of Hell & High Water on The Recount, was asked about his relationship with both Snoop Dogg and 2pac, whom he knows.

Hughes who was the director of ‘Menace II Society’ claimed that Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Broadus) is the real one while the late Tupac Shakur is totally fake and with his background in drama, was merely an actor.

When asked about Broadus, Hughes detailed who he is the “real street guy out of all these guys”. On the other hand, when asked about Shakur he detailed how although he may have some experience living in the poor inner city areas, he has no idea about living the gangster life and merely saw some of it stating “2Pac on the other hand, while he came up in the inner city or the urban fucked up ghetto, he’s not a street kid.”

He continued on to declare “He’s an artist and an activist. He’s a performance arts kid and he’s delusional. He’s just delusional … in a positive way. You have to be delusional to be a great artist.”

The director even went admitted that although Pac was charismatic, he got lost in his power, revealing, “The thing I think 2Pac was addicted to the most was when I think back was, when he’s in a room like this, and he sees us all reacting to whatever he’s saying, especially her [pointed to a woman in the room], any woman if they’re smiling he goes to 10. You thought 10 was the level, he’s at 50 now. And he’s so charismatic that he lost himself in his power to move a room.”

Hughes knows Tupac quite well, not only because he directed Menace II Society but because he also was the brains behind the FX series Dear Mama, a series about 2pac and his mother Afeni Shakur, one of the integral Black Panthers.

The director also detailed how he originally cast the rapper for his 1993 film Menace II Society but fired him for “causing trouble” on set. 2Pac even attacked Hughes, resulting in an assault and battery charge. Not holding any grudges he just described the rapper as slightly “erratic”.

You can view a more in-depth interview with Hughes about Shakur in the video below.