Tupac Shakur finally receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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Tupac Shakur finally receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Iconic West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur has now officially got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Revealed by his sister Sekyiwa ‘Set’ Shakur and the legendary LA radio host Big Boy.

The late musician (real name Tupac Shakur) has finally been memorialised following a push by the hip-hop community to have the lyricist permanently identified as a culturally significant figure. The honourary ceremony took place on June 7th and saw heartfelt speeches and tributes from Big Boy, ‘Dear Mama’ director Allen Hughes and the late artist’s sister, Sekyiwa.

The emcee, renowned actor, and political activist’s star has arrived over two decades after his tragic 1996 Las Vegas murder. This year, the California Love’ musician would have turned 52, and his sister gave an incredibly heartfelt speech on the podium during the ceremony.

Sekyiwa disclosed, “2Pac knew deep down that he was always meant for something great. As his little sister, I had the privilege to watch that greatness unfold.” She continued, “From the first time he stepped foot on stage at the Apollo Theater at 13 years old, before anyone recognised his name, he knew he had the dream to have a star here on the Walk of Fame.”

Shakur’s sister explained the star “Not only pays tribute to his contribution to the music industry but speaks volumes to the lasting impact he’s had on this world.” Sekyiwa made sure to bring attention to the philanthropic work and activism of her brother, who greatly impacted the city of Los Angeles.

She concluded, “Today, we’re not just honouring a star on the ground but honouring the world and the passion he put into making his dreams come true. His heavenly star will shine a little brighter today.”

Allen Hughes also highlighted Shakur’s political activism, insisting 2Pac was “a symbol as visible and important as Malcolm X and Che Guevara and an inspiration for activists today.”

You can watch the full ceremony in the video below.