Troy Ave claims he turned down a $20 million major label offer 
(Credit: Spotify)


Troy Ave claims he turned down a $20 million major label offer 

Troy Ave has been no stranger to controversy recently, as his comments about other artists were headline fodder throughout 2023. Now, the rapper is turning even more heads, this time making comments about his career. 

On January 12th, the rapper took to Instagram to post a boast-worthy image showing off two cars and revealing a major label offer that he turned down. The post was supposed to tell people about the offer and justify his not accepting it. 

In the photo, Troy Ave stands next to two cars, a white Maserati and a Ferrari. The license plates have been customised to read “GOD GR8” and “PAY SR8”. Under the image “major label tried to offer me 20 Million…” the rapper wrote, “I said no thanx Im all white”. 

Troy didn’t specify which label made the offer, but if the accusation is true, only a handful of organisations could put forward such a high price tag. As such, people have been speculating which label the rapper could be talking about, to no avail. 

This isn’t the first time Troy Ave has made headlines recently, as towards the end of last year, he was included in the “Rap Up 2023”, a roast session presented by Uncle Murda. It’s alleged the rapper recorded a response that he will never release due to having too much respect for Uncle Murda. 

Ave, despite not releasing the response, has taken inspiration from being included in the “Rap Up 2023” as he has formed a new section on his podcast, The Facto Show, which focuses on the “Bozo Of The Year” Award. 

He posted a poll to his social media, asking followers to vote for who they thought should win the award. Nominees included Charlamagne Tha God, Maino, DJ Vlad and Mysonne.