Trick Daddy tells Katt Williams “You ain’t funny” following viral interview
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Trick Daddy tells Katt Williams "You ain’t funny" following viral interview

Trick Daddy, often referred to as Trick Daddy Dollars, is considered by many to be the rapper that spearheaded Miami’s entry into the mainstream. Following the 2 Live Crew, the city became musically dormant. However, the emcee (real name Maurice Young) put this to an end, as in 1997, Slip-N-Slide Records released his groundbreaking debut album, Based on a True Story. He swiftly followed this project up with in 1998.

In 1997, Young met a young female emcee at Slip-N-Slide Records who would end up becoming the iconic female rapper Trina, and in 1998, for, the pair turned heads towards their hometown with the release of the hit single ‘Naan N*gga’. 

Trick Daddy is a legend. However, he has recently responded to the viral Club Shay Shay interview Shannon Sharpe had with Katt Williams, during which the comedian aimed at Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley, Cedric The Entertainer, Diddy, Faizon Love and more.

Taking to Instagram Live on January 4th, Young lashed out at Williams for his interview, exclaiming, “Katt Williams, your little pussy ass get on the Sharpe show and get in your lil’ bitch-ass feelings and get in ways, and you say all type of shit you ain’t supposed to say!”

The Ohio comic has previously made jokes referencing Trick Daddy, and the Florida rapper referenced them in his broadcast, stating, “You said some slick shit about me in one of your stand-ups. You was being sarcastic, saying that if Trick Daddy can own a restaurant, you can do anything!”

He continued, “Well , n*gga, you bulldagging looking ass fuck n*gga, keep my name out your mouth. I’m not no comedian. I’m a street n*gga first. Keep my name out your mouth, bitch-ass n*gga. Keep Rickey Smiley name out your mouth too. Keep all OG’s names out your mouth.”

Expressing his hatred for Katt Williams and revealing he doesn’t like his humour, Young declared, I told people that I didn’t think you was funny; I ain’t never said I didn’t like you. I actually saw you one day, and I was laughing my ass off. Remember when that little boy put you in a headlock? I was crying fucking laughing.”

Young concluded by making sure Williams was aware of how un-funny he considers him, hollering, “Listen, man. Stop talking about other n*ggas to be relevant. I’m with whatever you with, n*gga. Everybody you told a story about got more money than me and you; you on my level, bitch-ass n*gga. You ain’t funny, you a fucking joke.”

Many people responded to Katt Williams’ interview upon its release, and his controversial comments took the African-American community by storm as the comedian vowed to expose Hollywood and unmask his peers.