Travis Scott’s Rolling Loud headline slot cut short
(Credit: Wikimedia)


Travis Scott’s Rolling Loud headline slot cut short

Travis Scott’s headline slot at Rolling Loud was reportedly cut short according to fans who have angrily taken to social media to complain that the star only played 13 tracks before stopping midway through ‘Sicko Mode’.

The festival takes place in California’s Hollywood Park and also had the likes of Playboi Carti, Future and Lil Wayne on the headlining bill. However, it would seem that organisers simply called off Scott’s set while he was mid-flow. 

The rapper attempted to still perform, but ultimately they did not put his main audio output back on and he can be heard saying, “Thank you very much. I love you all. I wish I could do more but they’re making me go.”

While infographics appeared telling the crowd to ‘get home safely’ boos rang out over the festival grounds. Although Scott did his best to try and quell any tensions, the atmosphere was far from a happy one as revellers left the grounds. 

The rapper ended up performing for only around 30 minutes before his sound was cut-off at exactly 11pm when a curfew was enacted. However, given the fact he was mid-song, many have called for more leniency on this front. 

Scott’s representatives have since confirmed that this was a contractual cut-off that had been agreed upon well in advance and while he would have liked to perform for longer, the long curfew took precedence.