Travis Scott’s phone now can’t be used in Astroworld trial
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


Travis Scott's phone now can't be used in Astroworld trial

As the ongoing civil lawsuits concerning the 2021 Astroworld tragedy continue, a stalemate has occurred as Travis Scott’s attorney, Steve Brody, insists that his phone can’t be used as evidence as it suspiciously fell off a boat in January 2022 and apparently now sits somewhere at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

The plaintiffs in the case recently filed an “emergency motion” demanding information from the phones of Scott and his associates. However, court transcripts report that the rapper’s legal team have claimed the phone can no longer be used as evidence due to its 2022 disappearance.

The motion was filed after a senior manager at Scott’s label admitted during his deposition that he had never been asked to hand over his phone for imaging. Following this, the plaintiffs insisted that it was of the utmost importance for the courts to obtain and analyse any information on such devices.

The information requested in the motion included “Documents and electronic devices such as phones and text messages from Scott, his entity XX Global Inc., and employees including Cactus Jack general manager David Stromberg.”

The judge presiding over the case questioned Scott and his lawyer about why they had not attempted to “recover text messages from alternate sources.” However, Brody explained how Scott’s iPhone fell off a boat. He then detailed how the device was not backed up to iCloud and how neither Apple nor the cell phone carrier could assist in recovering data from it.

Although Brody insisted Scott’s phone can’t be used as evidence as it is no longer available, the lawyer did reveal that they would be able to retrieve information from Stromberg’s phone by September 27th.

Travis Scott’s attorney concluded by stating that the forthcoming information from Stromberg’s phone would “show the vast majority, if not all, relevant texts with Mr Scott related to this event.” The 2021 Astroworld hearings are still ongoing.