Travis Scott to perform ‘Utopia’ at Egyptian Pyramids
(Credit: Wikimedia)


Travis Scott to perform 'Utopia' at Egyptian Pyramids

Travis Scott has announced a special performance of his new album Utopia at the Egyptian Pyramids on July 28th.

The album, which has been in the works for years, is now available for fans to pre-order. However, Scott has yet to officially announce a release date for the project, but as the event is scheduled for July 28th, Utopia is expected to be available soon.

“UTOPIA LIVE AT THE PYRAMIDS CANT WAITTTT TO SEE YA,” Scott wrote in a tweet which included a link to tickets for fans.

A reason for the delayed release of Utopia was the Astroworld tragedy in 2021 when ten people died attending Scott’s festival in Houston during a fatal crowd crush. After a 19-month investigation, it was recently revealed the rapper won’t be facing criminal charges.

Kent Schaffer, Scott’s attorney, released a statement reading: “My client Travis Scott will not be charged with criminal charges or any wrongdoing for his involvement with AstroWorld festival. Today’s decision by the Harris County District Attorney confirms what we have known all along – that Travis Scott is not responsible for the AstroWorld tragedy.”

It continues: “This is consistent with investigative reporting by numerous media outlets and federal and state government reports that have squarely placed the onus for event safety crises on organisers, operators and contractors. Not performers.”

Schaffer concludes: “While waiting patiently for the District Attorney’s decision to not file charges, Travis Scott has been inaccurately and wrongly singled out, despite stopping the show three separate times and being unaware of the events as they were unfolding.”