Tory Lanez lands fresh felony charge in in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Case
(Credit: The Come Up Show)


Tory Lanez lands fresh felony charge in in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Case

Tory Lanez has been slapped with another felony charge amid the ongoing Megan Thee Stallion shooting case. According to an initial report by Rolling Stone, the rapper has been charged with using a firearm “in a grossly negligent manner which could result in injury or death to a person.”

This new charge comes after two previous charges of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm. In the weeks leading up to the trial – currently underway – Lanez has been under house arrest. He has now been released.

Back in 2020, the rapper pleaded not guilty to those first two charges, denying Megan Thee Stallion’s claims that he shot her in the foot while they were in the same vehicle. She later lambasted Lanez on social media, writing: “Yes, this n* Tory shot me. You shot me, and you got your publicist and your people to these blogs lying and s, stop lying!”

In the two years since the incident took place, Stallion and Lanez have fired potshots at one another over social media. Then, in April, Stallion gave her first TV interview about the alleged shooting on CBS Mornings.

Speaking to CBS’s Gayle King, Megan claimed that Lanez shot her after screaming, “dance, bitch.” “I never put my hands on anybody,” she continued. “I never raised my voice too loud. This was one of those times where it shouldn’t have gotten this crazy.”

Following the incident, Lanez immediately began apologising, Megan claimed. Stallion also said that he’d offered her a million dollars not to discuss the incident with the press, but also didn’t help as she lay bleeding in the driveway.