Top 5: The five best Slim Shady songs of all time
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Top 5: The five best Slim Shady songs of all time

Encore rapper Eminem has announced he will release a new album this year entitled The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce). The Detroit musician first introduced the world to Eminem in 1997 with the release of The Slim Shady EP. However, it appears the rapper is now putting an end to his iconic alter-ego. 

Although many know why the act created his alter-ego, few know how the 8 Mile rapper came up with the name itself. During the mid-1990s, while Mathers was working on his debut album, Infinite, he was recording and performing under the stage name Eminem, which he had derived from his initials “M and M.” However, he wanted more. With an urge to develop a ruthless alter-ego, Mathers began finding its identity. 

Still, the Detroit emcee could not conjure a name despite his hard work. However, one day, the lyricist found the perfect nickname for his alter-ego in a strange place at a peculiar time.

In 1996, with the help of Detroit-based production house Web Entertainment, Mathers released his debut album, Infinite. However, following the album’s disastrous rollout and egregious critical reception, Eminem realised he was holding back and needed a vehicle to say what he truly thought and felt.

This was when Mathers realised he required an alter-ego. Eminem has always been a complex and controversial artist. Over the years, many saddening stories have come to light concerning the emcee’s upbringing and life before fame, whether domestic violence, poverty or other; the culmination came to fans in the form of Slim Shady. Although Mathers’ alter-ego is controversial, to say the least, it is an integral part of Eminem as an artist and a culturally significant figure.

Despite the fact that Mathers is set to let his alter-ego go later this year, we have compiled a list of the top five Slim Shady tracks of all time.

The five best Slim Shady songs of all time:

5. ‘Bitch Please II’ – The Marshall Mathers LP, (2000)

This track was one of the last singles released for The Marshall Mathers LP. Featuring vocals from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, and Nate Dogg. The single was released as a follow-up to Snoop Dogg’s 1999 single of the same name from his project No Limit Top Dogg.

The song was produced by Dr Dre and West Coast musician Mel-Man. The song was certified gold by the RIAA. The single was released on May 23rd 2001. This is one of the ultimate Slim Shady tracks.

4. ‘Without Me’ – The Eminem Show, (2002)

This track was produced by DJ Head and Jeff Bass collaboratively. However, unlike ‘My Name Is’, this track performed amazingly, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the UK Singles Chart.

The song landed Eminem another Grammy but this time in the category of ‘Best Music Video’. As the lead single to The Eminem Show, ‘Without Me’ is the lead single for the most successful hip hop album ever to be released. The music video currently has 1.4billion views on YouTube and has been streamed 1.2 Billion times on Spotify alone.

3. ‘Lose Yourself’ – 8 Mile, (2002)

‘Lose Yourself’ is one of Eminem’s most popular tracks and has been used in multiple films since the release of 8-Mile. The track was Eminem’s first to ever go all the way to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and became one of Eminem’s most highly decorated releases.

‘Lose Yourself’ was the first hip hop song in history to receive an Academy Award for ‘Best Original Song’. Furthermore, it got Mathers two Grammy awards in the categories ‘Best Male Rap Solo Performance’ and ‘Best Rap Song’. The song is certified Diamond, meaning it has surpassed 11-times platinum.

In 2022, Eminem performed the track at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show, which jumpstarted streams, causing the track to re-enter the Billboard Hot 100.

2. ‘My Name Is’- The Slim Shady LP, (1999)

This was the track that introduced Slim Shady to the world. Produced by Dr Dre sampling Labi Siffre’s 1975 track ‘I Got The…’ On its release in 1999, it peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at only number 36 but managed to reach number two on the UK Singles Chart.

Irrespective of the track’s chart performance, it managed to land Eminem his first-ever Grammy award for ‘Best Best Rap Solo Performance’. However, the song wasn’t received well by Eminem’s mother, who is referenced several times in the track. In 2000, Debbie Mathers filed a $10 million slander lawsuit against the rapper. Some of the song’s lyrics suggest that she abused drugs, and one line suggests that she had no breasts. The case was settled in 2001 for $25,000, of which Debbie received only $1,600

1. ‘The Real Slim Shady’- The Marshall Mathers LP, (2000)

The lead single of The Marshall Mathers LP, ‘The Real Slim Shady’ is one of Eminem’s most celebrated tracks. Produced by Dr Dre, the track was Eminem’s first to reach number one in the UK. The song landed Slim Shady a Grammy Award for ‘Best Rap Solo Performance’ and was the song he performed at his legendary MTV Music Awards performance.

Mathers’ song, ‘The Real Slim Shady’, is an ode of sorts to his multiple personalities. In the lyrics, he infers he is a little crazy as he raps, “Yeah, I probably got a couple of screws up in my head loose”. The track is now seven times platinum and has accrued over 1 billion streams on Spotify and 726 million views on YouTube. Eminem’s most beloved song is definitely deserving of the top spot on this list.