Top 5: 50 Cent’s five most brutal diss tracks
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Top 5: 50 Cent's five most brutal diss tracks

50 Cent’s attitude has been a thorn in the side of many MCs, and he is known for ruffling feathers. When he first came on the scene, aside from DMX, he was one of the most aggressive, vicious rappers, and before he signed with Shady Records in 2002, the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ creator had made many enemies in the streets of New York.

50 Cent has had feuds with everybody in hip-hop and has dissed a long list of artists. From Fat Joe and Ja Rule to Rick Ross, The Game, and Jadakiss, the emcee (real name Curtis Jackson) relished the opportunity to start a conflict.

50 Cent even began feuding with his own crew, G-Unit, following the collective’s dissipation in the mid-2000s, battling members such as Young Buck, The Game and Lloyd Banks. As well as these figures, Jackson has taunted Floyd Mayweather over the years and, prior to recent events, had drawn attention to Diddy’s behaviour and even questioned his sexuality.

Fifty’s conduct is entertainment to many. However, hip-hop lovers such as HOT 97.0’s Ebro Darden have accused the Curtis artist of making the culture toxic. In 2017, Darden accused Jackson of killing New York hip-hop exclaiming, you like to operate from a place of everybody having problems with you. Even when you came in this building, you was like, ‘This feels uncomfortable’ because you like being banned from somewhere! You had everybody beefing with you, anybody that did a record with [Fat] Joe or Ja [Rule] was beefing with you. You pulled it apart!”

Although 50 Cent does most of his taunting online nowadays, in the past he has blasted a lot of his peers through his music. Below you can see his five most brutal put downs of artists.

50 Cent’s five most brutal putdowns:

5. ‘The Bomb’, (2006)

During his prime, 50 Cent often released stray diss tracks aimed at people he was arguing with. Very few of his targeted songs ended up on his albums, and in 2006, Jackson decided to send an early warning to the world about Diddy and even delved into the East Coast versus West Coast war of the 1990s involving Bad Boy Entertainment.

Referencing the death of Tupac Shakur, Jackson rapped, “Man Puffy know who hit that n*gga / Man that n*gga soft / He scared of them boyz from the Westside? I’ll break him off / Dump on his ass so he run back to Harlem shake ’em off.”

The track also aims at Ma$e with the verse, “This n*gga ma$e / Now you wanna play games / Don’t wanna make the deal n*gga / Man I’ll fuck your shit up n*gga, Is you crazy n*gga?!”

4. ‘Tia Told Me’, (2009)

This track is a highly personal diss track aimed at Rick Ross. The title references the mother of his son, Tia Kemp. On the song, Jackson mocks Rick Ross’ past as a correctional officer working for law enforcement and insists the source of all the information is Kemp.

Speaking about his previous job, Fifty emcees, “Let me tell ya what your baby told me / You ain’t got a street bone in your whole body / You’re not, who you think you are / With your gun and your badge you think you’re hard.”

Luring Ross into a trap by speaking about a loved one, Jackson also raps, “Call me crazy go ‘head call me crazy / Me and your baby mama ‘gon get intimate maybe / Imagine how she felt when she seen how I lived / When I use the intercom to find n*ggas in my crib!”

3. ‘Officer Ricky’, (2009)

Between 2009 and 2011, there was a heavy exchange of tracks between Rick Ross and 50 Cent as the former began to ascend with his Maybach Music Group Crew. However, the ‘In Da Club’ emcee was far from happy with the presence of a former police officer in the culture.

As such, he made a diss track entitled ‘Officer Ricky’ to put Ross in his place and let fans know that he believed the MMG founder was a fake gangster. On the track, Jackson raps, “I tell you straight suck a dick / You tryna come with subliminals / Cuz your ass the police / My n*ggas is criminals.”

One of the more controversial lines heard Jackson continue, “The cop fck wit fox, suck the cnt on a bimbo / F*ggot must’ve thought he knock me out like Kimbo.”

2. ‘Piggy Bank’, The Massacre, (2005)

‘Piggy Bank’ is one of 50 Cent’s most well-known diss tracks. On the song, he takes aim at Ja Rule, Jadakiss and even Fat Joe as well as Shyne, Kelis, Sheek Louch, Cassidy and Lil’ Kim. The savage song lasts four minutes and 15 seconds and hears some brutal attacks.

The track which appears on Fifty’s 2005 sophomore album The Massacre, features Jackson rapping lines such as, “That fat nigga [Fat Joe] thought Lean Back was In Da Club, my shit sold eleven mill’ / His shit was a dud.”

Aiming at his former G-Unit members and Shyne, he continues, Banks’ shit, sells; Buck’s shit, sells / Game’s shit, sells; I’m rich as hell / Shyne poppin’ off his mouth from a cell!”

1. ‘Back Down’, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, (2003)

In 1999, 50 Cent released a diss track aimed at Murder Inc entitled ‘Life’s on the Line’, causing he and Ja Rule to clash track for track. But it was in 2003 when 50 Cent hit Ja Rule with the legendary diss track ‘Back Down’ in which he talks about his opponent’s children and labels him a “pu*sy”.

Lines from ‘Back Down’ include “Yo mami… yo papi… that bitch you chasin / Ya little dirty ass kids / I’ll fckin erase them!” and “You get fcked in the yard / You’s a pop-tart sweetheart / You soft in the middle / I eat ya for breakfast.”