Tony Yayo reveals how someone tried to kill 50 Cent
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Tony Yayo reveals how someone tried to kill 50 Cent

Tony Yayo is one of the closest affiliates of 50 Cent and has been by his side as a musician and friend since the 1990s. The former G-Unit member is still cordial with Fifty (real name Curtis Jackson). However, he regularly discloses shocking information that takes fans aback and in a recent interview with DJ Vlad for Vlad TV, Yayo delved into the details of how Jackson was nearly killed by James ‘Jimmy Henchman’ Rosemond.

Although Tony Yayo (Marvin Bernard) is still on good terms with Jackson, the same can not be said for other former members of G-Unit. Most notably, West Coast emcee The Game. In 2005, when dissent behind the scenes came to the forefront, 50 Cent publicly dropped the LA rapper from his label live on HOT 97.0 radio.

Following this, The Game and then-manager Jimmy Henchman spoke to 50 Cent personally at the New York radio station. At the time, rumours of gunshots were reported. However, the feud didn’t heat up until 2007.

In 2007, when Tony Yayo and a G-Unit affiliate jumped Henchmen’s 14-year-old son, which caused Henchmen to become more violent, and, during his interview, Yayo revealed that the feud could have ended in death while 50 Cent and Akon were filming the music video for their 2007 single ‘I’ll Still Kill.’

Revealing how Jackson survived the attempted murder, Bernard explained, “On the paperwork, Henchman and them were supposed to come through, but I guess their gun jammed, but we had God on our side. They backed out on the hit, but we had straps too, and that was really it.”

Yayo unveiled that sources told him Henchmen’s entourage was using silencers, which is why they could get so close to 50 Cent. Detailing the silent nature of the attack, Yayo stated, “Nobody seen them, they so-called was following a car. I don’t know which car ’cause it was like three or four different cars. If you [Henchmen] woulda shot, I’m quite sure somebody would have shot back, but you got a silencer, so that probably give you the up, but I guess they didn’t know how to handle the weapon or something like that.”

Yayo revealed that years later, Henchmen’s crew snitched on him and encouraged people not to admire that lifestyle, disclosing, “All of [Henchmen’s] people told on him. People glorify the street shit, and … nah, the best thing is to make your money and get out the streets. Fly the world, live your life, take care of your kids, take care of your girl. Whatever you have going on, take care of yourself. Because at the end of the day, all his shooters told on him.”

You can watch Yayo’s interview below.