Tony Yayo says Pop Smoke’s death “fucked up” New York
(Credit: Pop Smoke / Press)


Tony Yayo says Pop Smoke's death "fucked up" New York

In a new interview, Tony Yayo suggested that the death of fellow rapper Pop Smoke “fucked up” New York in the sense that the rap scene there was burgeoning, but it lost one of its most promising stars.

“Pop Smoke — like, I wish he would have stayed in the hotel over the AirBnB,” Yayo said on the Drink Champs. “Rest in peace. But that kinda fucked New York up. New York was coming back, bro. We had Pop Smoke; we had all these drill n-ggas startin’… A Boogie. But Pop was…you know…”

“Now, New York is worse than Chicago,” Yayo added. “And California, with the drill, because n-ggas is throwing like n-ggas dead friends in there. When we had battle raps with Ja Rule and them, n-ggas was still alive. […] But there’s no remorse with the drill music. N-ggas shooting little kids.”

Yayo also discussed 50 Cent and how he didn’t like his own track ‘Many Men’. “50 didn’t even like ‘Many Men,'” Yayo said. “That’s my talent. Look. Sometimes, my talent is, I could be in the studio, and I could pick the record for you. So, I’m like, ’50, you buggin’. ‘Many Men’ is the shit.'”

Yayo continued, “You gotta remember, that n-gga got shot the fuck up. He got shot. He’s laid up. He don’t even want me to see him. He’s in Jamaica Hospital — I’m like, yo, 50’s fucked up.”

“I pulled up to his grandmother’s block — there were shells everywhere, yellow tape,” the rapper added. “I’m like, yo, man, that n-gga’s dead, yo. […] That’s his mentality. And at the same time, he’s doin’ the music.”

Listen to Tony Yayo on Drink Champs below.