Tierra Whack shares new song ‘Walk The Beat’
(Credit: Diandra Patrick)


Tierra Whack shares new song 'Walk The Beat'

Tierra Whack has unleashed her new single, ‘Walk The Beat’.

This new effort from Whack arrives as her first single since June when she celebrated her hometown basketball team, the Philadelphia 76ers, after they reached the NBA Playoffs. However, later that month, she then took to Instagram to hint at her retirement, which thankfully hasn’t turned out to be the case, and Whack is yet another rapper who has followed this route.

Posting on her Instagram stories, she wrote: “I quit. I’m done doing music.”

Fans have been waiting patiently for her follow up to her 2018 debut, Whack World, and now it seems like it’s finally on its way after the release of ‘Walk The Beat’. Whack loads the track with bundles of arrogant energy that give it a mighty swagger.

On the first verse, Whack raps: “Alexander Wang with that Helmut Lang, Ghetto fab so I’m still eatin’ chicken wings, Versatile so I can keep switchin’ lanes, I got plenty Janes, I got plenty rings, Ain’t nothin’ to a queen, you ain’t said a thing, But that Jim Carrey, but they bite the slang, Like to call him, like to listen ‘causе he wanna hang, He was goin’ nuts so I let him hang.”

Whack’s production is exciting and has a futuristic feel to it. Her debut album helped usher in a new, entrancing style of beat, which she thrives on again on ‘Walk The Beat’.