Ticketmaster ticketing issue causes havoc at Bad Bunny concert
(Credit: Wikimedia)


Ticketmaster ticketing issue causes havoc at Bad Bunny concert

Hundreds of Bad Bunny fans have been left sorely disappointed after a ticketing issue meant that they were turned away from his concert despite having legitimately purchased tickets. 

His concert in Mexico City on Friday (December 9th) saw an issue with Ticketmaster result in fans being refused entry. Fans were told by security that the tickets were either duplicates or had been cancelled by Ticketmaster. 

Given that the ticketing giant is already under fire over the Taylor Swift ticket fiasco and a “dynamic pricing” controversy, this latest farce is merely one of many that have hit the service this year. This has prompted authorities to call for an investigation. 

Despite being a sold-out show at the 87,0000-capacity Estadio Azteca, fans reported that the concert began when it was still only about 60% full. Naturally, this caused an uproar among fans. 

Amid the controversial fall-out, Ticketmaster issued a Spanish statement apologising for the difficulties. They reasoned that the concert was hit by a record number of counterfeit tickets, which caused confusion and ultimately saw gig-goers wrongly denied entry. 

Ticketmaster has offered a refund to any fans who held legitimate tickers and can provide electronic proof that they couldn’t get into the venue.