The unlikely “hero” in Dr Dre’s life
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The unlikely "hero" in Dr Dre's life

As one of the pivotal figures in the history of hip hop, one might expect Dr Dre to be considered a hero of the genre. In fact, such is his mystique and prowess, that you might even consider him to have few influential figures in his life. However, there is one popstar who has always guided Dre: Paul McCartney.

Dr Dre and Paul McCartney have more hits under their belt than a boxing gym punch bag, and when the two musical forces recently combined, Dr Dre was quick to call the 1960s icon “one of my heroes”. 

Dre and McCartney were photographed sharing a drink and the famed rapper and producer uploaded the image with the caption: “Here with one my heroes!! Paul McCartney is cool AF!! I’m chillin with one of the fucking Beatles!!”

McCartney is no stranger to the world of rap having previously worked with Kanye West on the single ‘FourFiveSeconds’ back in 2015.

The year earlier, in 2014, he was also pictured with Dre at the post-Grammy Beats Music Party, and who knows, maybe it was that collision that encouraged ‘Macca’ to make the switch to the world of Hip Hop.

As for Dre, he is currently continuing to work on his new album. It was originally set for release in December, but it has since been delayed and no new date has been declared for Dre’s long-awaited return.

You can check out McCartney and Kanye West’s collaborative single below.