The strange story of Big Lurch, the cannibal rapper
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The strange story of Big Lurch, the cannibal rapper

Hip-hop sees MCs receive prison sentences regularly. From Remy Ma to Bobby Shmurda and Casanova, at any point, the culture always seems to have one of its stars behind bars. However, one case was so alarming that it raised the hairs on everyone’s necks, and this was the imprisonment of Big Lurch.

Big Lurch was a Southern emcee from Dallas rapping as part of the infamous crew Cosmic Slop Shop. The collective included elements of horrorcore in their music, such as references to vampires and serial killers. Still, they were mostly considered a gangsta rap group. The crew was founded in Oakland and named themselves after the Slop Shop Recording Studios, where the members initially met.

Throughout the 1990s, they released music in the Bay Area, most notably their projects Da Family and Sinful, put out in 1997 and 1998, respectively. However, at the turn of the millennium, Lurch (real name Antron Singleton) descended into depravity. 

While pursuing a solo career, Singleton lived in Los Angeles for a period. While in the city, he worked with West Coast names like Mac Dre, Tone Capone, and E-40. However, in 2000, while driving back home from a birthday celebration, he was hit by a drunk driver. The collision left the emcee with life-changing injuries, including a broken neck.

Although it was not prescribed to him by a doctor, Singleton began taking Angel Dust to deal with his chronic pain and soon was suffering from the drug’s side effects, including psychosis and severe schizophrenia. This led to the emcee acting out some of his lyrical depravity.

In 2002, Big Lurch, after a massive ingestion of Angel Dust, ran out onto a street outside his LA apartment smeared with blood and stood in the street while gazing into the sky. However, a local resident (Alisa Allen) saw him and took him back to his residence, where she found his roommate dead.

Lurch had cut open his roommate’s torso and eaten her lungs, gouged her face and eaten her organs. The lyricist had also launched a blade into her shoulder. In the 2011 documentary Rhyme & Punishment, he recalled the night, recounting, “We started smoking the PCP, and they just kept feeding it to me and feeding it to me. The next thing I remember is I woke up in jail with a murder.”

He has appealed the case many times, with his attorneys pleading insanity. However, judges have stood firm, and the “cannibal rapper” is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole.

You can watch a video about Lurch’s imprisonment below.