The story of Nick Fuentes: Kanye West’s new right-hand man
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The story of Nick Fuentes: Kanye West's new right-hand man

Kanye West not only ended 2022 with a bang but entered 2023 on a Christian crusade to save America. The musician, entrepreneur and rapper has always fused his music with religion. However, it seems as if music has now taken a back seat as he gallivants from podcast to podcast with his bible and unnerving mask.

However, as well as his bible, there is one other thing that seems to go with Kanye wherever he goes; his new right-hand man Nick Fuentes. Not much was known about Fuentes, and when he first sprung up alongside Kanye, people were asking who the heck he was. However, it didn’t take long for people to find his controversial and unnerving radical history.

Fuentes had always been interested in politics growing up and was even on his high school’s model UN board. However, it was in 2016, when Trump was elected and graduated from high school, that he began to embrace the far-right and its various toxic ideologies. As an undergraduate student at the University of Boston, Fuentes took part in a short film the university made in which they asked their students how they would vote. One of six politically-inclined students selected to feature in the film, Fuentes was a raging Trump supporter and exhibited disdain for immigrants.

With his shocking remarks about immigrants and religion going viral, the young student, who at this point was a member of the Republican party, began conducting live streams on his YouTube channel from his college dormitory. His shocking rants and political opinions would be shared on social media, with their views reaching the millions. Before long he was invited by the Trump-supporting, far right-wing media outlet, Right Side Broadcasting Network to host his own show.

Calling it America First, Fuentes had a two hour slot on the network in which he would make the most outrageous comments. However, a lot of his prejudices he placed under the guise of religion. In one particularly well-known tirade, Nick Fuentes proudly declares, “I don’t support women’s rights, I don’t support LGBT rights, I believe in race and gender essentialism, I’m Catholic, I’m a Catholic reactionary, I believe that organised Jewry is extremely influential in the Unites States and pushes America towards an open society, liberalism, internationalism for their own benefit!”

With his so-called radical politics rooted in religion it is no surprise that Kanye was quick to take Fuentes under his wing. Fuentes is a self-proclaimed incel. The righ-wing figure once stated on America First, “I am an incel, I’m a proud incel.” Earlier this year, it was confirmed that former US president Donald Trump actually attended a dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes to speak about plans for the 2024 election.

Akin to his counterpart Kanye, Nick Fuentes has been de-platformed across all social media sites but remains a permanent fixture on the Right Side Broadcast Network. However, since Fuentes has begun to brush shoulders people in the upper échelons of politics, alternative-broadcasting and music he has become more brazen, more arrogant, and more disrespectful.

In December of last year TMZ, caught footage of Nick Fuentes violently throwing a drink at a Middle Eastern man at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles. Kanye has been using Fuentes as his mouthpiece and while on InfoWars, West referred almost all questions directed at him to Fuentes who, admittedly, is a lot more eloquent and understandable than West. Furthermore, he is more politically-versed than West. However, what they promote as a pair is deplorable.

You can watch a clip of Fuentes speaking in the video below and see the TMZ footage.