The song Kid Cudi knew would become a hit
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The song Kid Cudi knew would become a hit

Kid Cudi is a unique artist who has always fallen outside the mainstream. Concerning hip-hop, the rapper and singer has always been different and from his debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, to his latest project, Insano, every body of work he releases is iconic in a different way.

That said, when he first burst into the mainstream in 2009, Kid Cudi partook in an interview during which he stated that he always knew one of his early singles would be a number-one hit in countries worldwide. 

Rarely do musicians know when they are making hits, and some artists even decline beats and songs that become legendary. However, Kid Cudi (real name Scott Mescudi) appears to have an inexplicable intuition, allowing him to sense when he has an anthem on his hands.

Man on the Moon: The End of Day was a groundbreaking project that featured one of the most simple yet popular songs ever, the renowned ‘Day ‘N’ Nite’. However, although the original version produced by Dot Tha Genius was popular on MySpace internationally and in the US, its worldwide explosion came in the form of a remix by the Italian production duo Crookers.

The Crookers remix put an EDM spin on the hip-hop original. Furthermore, it incorporated elements of the US dubstep sound that was formidable in the 2010s. The track secured the number-one spot on the UK Dance Chart and did the same on the US Rhythmic. However, Mescudi knew this would be the result as soon as he heard it.

Speaking to The Guardian, the Ohio musician revealed, “I remember when I recorded it, I told my homeboy, ‘This is going to be a No. 1 track in some country. I don’t know what country, but it’s going to take off somewhere.'”

Focusing on the Crookers remix of his masterpiece, Mescudi unveiled he had a hunch that the US wouldn’t initially warm to the EDM, confirming, “Well, yeah, because it was different. I really felt nobody in America was going to rock with it, and then I started to have doubts about putting it out.” 

However, despite his inkling that his homeland of America wouldn’t receive it well, Kid Cudi admitted that he loved what Crookers did with the original, telling The Guardian, “I immediately loved it. I thought they did an amazing job. I didn’t think it was going to be as ill as it was. Before I heard it, I thought, ‘Ah, it’s techno, so it’s going to be cheesy,’ but it came out really fucking ill!”

The Crookers remix wasn’t pushed by any major label, and Cudi’s cult fanbase alone shared the track on social media, helping it spread like wildfire. Mescudi had a dream it would do well but was overwhelmed when it shot up the charts.

Explaining this, the rapper concluded, “I believed in the track but it was still my dream that it would take off in the way that way it has. It ended up blowing up not because of any label, investment or corporations pushing it, but because it created a buzz on its own. That’s the best feeling, that people naturally took to the record, they connected to it. It’s overwhelming, but it’s also a dream come true.”

You can hear the ‘Day ‘N’ Nite’ Crookers remix in the video below.