The single beat Drake paid $20,000 for
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The single beat Drake paid $20,000 for

Drake is one of the most successful artists of all time and has worked with some of the best producers in hip-hop, from Kanye West to TM88. However, there was one beat he heard that made him so excited he was willing to pay the beatmaker $20,000. The instrumental that the Toronto native splashed out on was the beat for his 2019 single ‘Money in the Grave.’

Although the Scorpion musician spent $20,000 for the hailed instrumental, the beat was not the creation of a household name but a smaller, female producer by the name of Lil CC. During an interview with an interview on Shirley’s Temple, the musician (real name Cydney Christine) revealed that Drake’s love of her beat was responsible for the commercial launch of her career.

Speaking about the process of showing Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) her music and getting paid such a vast amount, Christine unveiled, “Man, it was crazy I was like, ‘I fuck with this man.’ I was just like, ‘wow,’ knowing that someone believed in me that much, and supported what I did, it made me want to go even harder.”

Lil CC admitted she was very excited to hear that Graham had plans to feature Rick Ross on the track as she is a fan of his. Lil CC has since gone on to produce for the likes of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

She revealed how it all happened at a fashion event, unveiling, “I ran into him at that event, he came up to me and he was like, ‘CC, are you still making beats?'” She continued, “I was like, ‘I kind of just model now, but I have been playing with it.’ And he was like, ‘Man, you got to send me something. So I sent him a pack.'”

Christine’s first major-label credit appears on Drake’s underrated 2019 EP, The Best in the World Pack, which the rapper made to celebrate the Toronto Raptors’ NBA league win. The Toronto native addresses a lot on the EP. However, on both tracks, he announced that the war between himself and Pusha T was over. You can watch the interview with Lil CC in the video below.