The real reason why 50 Cent dumped Vivica A. Fox
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The real reason why 50 Cent dumped Vivica A. Fox

Although it is not known exactly when they met, Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent dated back in the early-2000s, just before the rapper established himself as a solo artist. As a woman who had career beginnings in the 1990s, at this period in time, Fox was on a winning streak in her career, starring in roles across TV and film. The pair were together for a few months at most, but their relationship quickly fizzled out. Eventually, the two called it quits, but there was always a mystery about what exactly went wrong. 

According to an old interview with Howard Stern, Fiddy first became acquainted with Fox after meeting her at a show in Atlanta, and shortly later, they began dating. It all happened very quickly between the pair, and the relationship developed in 2002 while the rapper was recording his seminal debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin.

50 Cent and Fox laid low for most of 2003 as all eyes were on the rapper. However, together as a couple, they attended the VMAs that August, effectively going public with their relationship. They remained the hot new power couple until 2004, when cracks began to appear in their romance.

After their relationship abruptly halted, the rapper began to make scathing comments about Fox to the media, disclosing how she was “crazy” and had used him as a pawn to stay in the limelight. Fox took a more delicate approach telling media outlets at the time, “The mistake that me and 50 made was that we went public too fast. We just got too excited about each other. It was just exciting!”

Continuing to take the higher ground, she admitted she was still in a state of bemusement, revealing, “I really don’t know what I did that made us break up. It was sad, because I really cared for him, but I still wish him well. But I will never publicly put down a black man. I just can’t.”

However, fast-forward 14 years to 2018, and Fox was ready to dish the dirt for her 2018 book Every Day I’m Hustling. Fox’s autobiography revealed that the couple’s relationship began to nosedive following a 2003 trip the pair took to Monaco for the World Music Awards.

Airing dirty laundry, Fox penned how 50 Cent was unhappy and jealous about the attention she was getting and felt that she was stealing the spotlight. However, in her interview on the talk show Sister Circle shortly afterthe actor admitted that Jackson wasn’t the sole cause of the relationship’s failure and suggested that she couldn’t handle what came with dating a rapper.

Speaking fondly on the rapper and their relationship, Fox told the Sister Circle, “He was just so romantic and so kind. He’s very old-fashioned, and I wish I knew now how to treat a man like that then…he really wanted to take care of me. I didn’t know that, so I was working hard trying to match him instead of letting him be the man and take care of me.”

The former lovers were able to be cordial for a good while, with Fox even appearing in 50 Cent’s 2010 video for ‘Do You Think About Me.’ However, for unknown reasons, despite their mutual respect, Fox decided to slander Jackson in 2015 when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and questioned 50 Cent’s sexuality.

The two have the classic love-hate relationship that a lot of former couples have, and unlike Jay-Z and Beyoncé, this early-2000s relationship did not blossom into an empire of any sort. You can watch an interview Fox did with VLADTV below, in which she clarifies the couple’s demise.