The rapper who gave Snoop Dogg’s career a “second chance”
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The rapper who gave Snoop Dogg's career a "second chance"

Doggystyle icon Snoop Dogg has said that Louisiana rapper and label executive Master P gave his career a “second chance” during the dormancy that followed his messy exit from Death Row. Master P, as the founder of No Limit Records, has managed many artists in his career, from Silkk the Shock to C-Murder. However, in 1998 he kindly picked up and helped a musically lost Snoop get back on his feet. 

Following the dissipation of Death Row and the murder of Tupac Shakur, the label’s roster splintered and became fragmented. The legendary Dr Dre partnered with Jimmy Iovine and started a new entertainment company. Meanwhile, acts such as Tha Doggpound, Daz Dillinger and RBX were left to fend for themselves.

Snoop Dogg may have ended up just as musically homeless as these former Death Row acts who contributed so much to the 1990s West Coast uprising. However, knowing his talent, Master P signed Snoop Dogg to No Limit Records in 1998, and the ‘Gin And Juice’ emcee has admitted that his time at No Limited boosted his career significantly.

In an interview with HipHopDX, the Long Beach artist sung P’s praises, stating, “[I credit] him for saving my life, giving me a second chance, teaching me the business, enabling me to be Snoop Dogg and have fun and live and not have beef and have controversy in my life and allowing me to find my way to happiness. That’s what Master P did for me.” Moreover, Snoop has previously admitted that, No Limit was the first record label that saw him make a substantial amount of money.

Despite his success while on Death Row, in a conversation with Noreaga and DJ EFN of the Drink Champs podcast, Snoop unveiled, “They was the only n*ggas getting money in the industry. This is important. Puffy and them [Bad Boy] was rocking, but they wasn’t getting no money like Master P was. I had been around they camp, I had been around Def Jam, I was on Death Row, I had seen all the n*ggas that supposedly had the money…Master P had the muthaf*ckin’ money.”

Master P has continued to sing Snoop Dogg’s praises and labelled him his “best student” and a “great listener” You can hear Snoop Dogg and Master P speak on their business relationship below.