The rapper Tyler, The Creator told fans to fans to “study”
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The rapper Tyler, The Creator told fans to fans to "study"

Tyler, The Creator is one of the most exciting artists in hip-hop. The LA rapper recently released his project, Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale, to great critical acclaim and remains at the forefront of alternative rap music.

Widely considered one of the most creative minds in contemporary hip-hop, through his music alone, it is evident that he draws on a vast, eclectic array of influences to bring us the fantastic material he does.

As the former frontman of Odd Future, the emcee (real name Tyler Okonma) was eccentric and different and has been noticeably different ever since he arrived on the scene. However, there are many reasons for this. 

From Goblin to IGOR and Flower Boy, the emcee and producer has always been an artist who prides himself on albums. As such, despite the current trend of contemporary hip-hop artists releasing long projects with short songs, Okonma is dedicated to the craft of making classic bodies of work. 

As such, last year, the LA rhymer took to Twitter/X to let his followers know who they should look to for excellent albums and implored his fans to study Missy Elliott and her discography closely.

Okonma made this tweet in response to a Missy Elliot post reading, “My 1st album was stress free because I didn’t have any expectations. My label told me they would give me my own label if I did 1 album so me and @Timbaland completed this album in 2 weeks, not knowing this would be the beginning of many more to come.”

Following this, Tyler simply told his fans, “To my younger fans, go study all her albums. ‘Pass That Dutch’ beat still blows my mind. go watch the ‘Hot Boyz’ video. See how she approached ‘Lick Shots’ and ‘Gossip Folks’ with her voice. capitol M!” You can see Okonma’s call to action for his followers below.