The rapper Killer Mike called “the blueprint for southern lyricists”
(Credit: Jonathan Mannion)

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The rapper Killer Mike called "the blueprint for southern lyricists"

Michael Render, professionally known as Killer Mike, is a Grammy-winning rapper, activist, and entrepreneur. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Mike has made significant contributions to the hip-hop scene with his powerful lyrics and socially conscious themes.

As a member of the duo Run the Jewels, alongside El-P, he has garnered acclaim for their politically charged and thought-provoking music. Offstage, Killer Mike is a vocal advocate for social and economic justice, using his platform to address systemic issues. Beyond music, he has engaged in various community initiatives, cementing his reputation as both an artist and a socially conscious leader.

During a conversation, Mike shared five of his favourite rappers of all time, taking time to note a southern compatriot, Andre 3000 as one of the greatest to ever pick up the mic.

“Andre 3000 is southern lyricism; he is the blueprint for a southern lyricist,” claimed the Run The Jewels man. “Whether you’re talking about B.O.B or Bobby Creekwater, two great up-and-coming MCs out of Atlanta, they are absolutely wonderful, Andre 3000 is in their DNA; he’s in the DNA of all of us. He’s only preceded by 8 Ball and MJG. He is the standard of southern Hip-Hop in terms of being cool and early in his career in terms of that dope boy type sshit.”

Things continued in effusive fashion as Mike shared: “He has all the superstar qualities of a rapper; the girls like him, and when he puts a turban on his head, guys want to be like him. He’s smooth, his music is impeccable, he’s introspective and he’s so around the corner educated. He is our Langston Hughes rap wise.”

Mike concluded: “Langston took the language of the common people, and he made intellect so simple, easy, emotional and valuable that equals people from all levels; from working class and all the way up. So Andre 3000 works on all levels.”

Listen below to Andre 3000 at his peak below.