The rapper Daz Dillinger once compared to Frank Sinatra
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The rapper Daz Dillinger once compared to Frank Sinatra

Death Row was a legendary record label in the 1990s and produced some of hip-hop’s most iconic material. From The Chronic to Doggystyle and All Eyez On Me, the brand was once a powerhouse. Now owned by Snoop Dogg, it is seemingly making a comeback. However, one of the label’s original members is the epic Daz Dillinger. 

In an appearance on VladTV to talk about his career and reflect on his time at Death Row, the producer and rapper (real name Delmar Arnaud) compared Snoop Dogg’s career to Frank Sinatra’s.

Arnaud grew up in Long Beach around Nate Dogg and his cousin Snoop Dogg. As such, they all began making music together.

Speaking about his time with Nate and Snoop at Death Row, Arnaud explained, Nate Dogg was “really the most gangster out of the crew. Me and Nate Dogg was the most gangster. Everybody was gangsta in the crew. Me and Nate Dogg was just the robbers out the crew… When it comes to whoopin’ ass, it’s either Nate Dogg or Daz. Kurupt will tell you that.”

Daz revealed he had an extremely close bond with Nate Dogg while Snoop was flying high and disclosed that he even visited him right before he died in 2011. Arnaud and his cousin were very close, and he sung his praises during the interview claiming, “Wouldn’t nobody keep us because we was so bad.”

He then went on to put him in the same category as Jay-Z and Frank Sinatra stating “Everybody know who Snoop Dogg is.” The conversation was concerning his tenure and how he had managed to stay relevant for 30 years. According to Arnaud, Broadus first recorded with Dr Dre in 1991.

You can watch the full VLADTV interview with Daz Dillinger in the video below.