The rapper Chuck D insists is more legendary than 2Pac
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The rapper Chuck D insists is more legendary than 2Pac

Rap artists have been getting inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame for over a decade. In 2012 Chuck D and his Public Enemy Counterparts were inducted into the institution alongside the Beastie Boys.

However, when it was announced that the Death Row legend 2Pac would receive the honour, Chcuk D (real name Carl Ridenhour) expressed his outrage that Tupac Shakur was rewarded before LL Cool J.

Queens rapper LL Cool J is an epic emcee known worldwide and was one of many legendary artists spearheading hip-hop during its golden age. Long before 2Pac emerged on the scene, LL worked with figures such as Rick Rubin and the pioneering Jazzy Jay, making quality material.

As such, Ridenhour felt as if people were undermining and looking over LL (real name James Smith) and felt that deceased artists such as Biggie Smalls and Pac were getting preferential treatment compared to the legends who preceded them. Taking his frustration to social media, Chuck D tweeted in defence of his fellow New Yorker.

Addressing that year’s nominations, Ridenhour wrote, “Got forever love for PAC BUT there AINT a solo rap act that should get in the RRHOF before @llcoolj I Don’t care about what naysayers think.” Chuck continued to sing Smith’s praises, posting, “When @llcoolj entered the rap game, there was NOTHING close to the blizzard he came in the game with. One dude rearranged records and performance.”

2Pac was the first solo rap artist to get inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2016, irrespective of what Ridenhur thought. However, the same year LL Cool J received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, an honour 2Pac only received this year.

Smith has since been inducted into the Hall Of Fame and was one of the many celebrities who entered in 2021.