The rapper 50 Cent allegedly bankrupted
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The rapper 50 Cent allegedly bankrupted

50 Cent and his crew, G-Unit, were once the most potent hip-hop MCs and regularly hit the charts with anthems such as ‘Stunt 101’ and ‘Wanna Get to Know You’. Comprised of Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and even Compton rapper The Game, in the 2000s, G-Unit were a formidable force.

However, after years of dominance, when 50 Cent began to transition into media and movie-making, in-fighting began to occur, and as the collective slowly dissipated, some figures began to turn on the crew’s frontman, and Young Buck was one of these MCs.

50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) has had many feuds with his former crew members. From The Game to Lloyd Banks, there have been many, but Young Buck’s beef with Jackson had some catastrophic results for him. In 2020, 50 Cent and Young Buck’s feud came to the forefront after Jackson leaked a phone conversation between him and Buck to the public, which heard the latter tearing up while speaking about his distressing financial situation.

In an interview with DJ Vlad for Vlad TV, Young Buck (real name David Brown) alleged that Jackson kicked him out of their collective for being cordial with some of his enemies. Explaining how he remained friends with The Game while 50 Cent was feuding with him, Brown disclosed, “Soon as he kicked me out, I’m like ‘What the f*ck is this about?’ He started to say it was because I’m cool with Game, and those different things started to happen. I’m cool with the enemies of him.”

However, Brown stated that while 50 Cent was feuding with countless hip-hop artists, many New York MCs still respected him, divulging, “I would run into these individuals – The Jim Jones, the Dipset individuals, the Jadakisses when we had these beefs or whatever and you know what I would get from these dudes, ‘Bro we f*ck with you, we just don’t f*ck with dude.'”

However, after 50 Cent kicked Brown out of the collective, he ceased to release or perform with the group, which stifled his cash flow. He then learned he owed $300,000 to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). According to Buck, Fifty had the same business manager as him, but the ‘In Da Club’ musician forced that manager to cut ties with him.

Meanwhile, the persistent IRS was chasing him for his massive tax debt, but he had no income to repay. As such, Buck had no choice but to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and Brown pins this on 50 Cent. You can listen to the former G-Unit lyricist explaining this to DJ Vlad in the video below.