The R Kelly trial begins with shocking opening statements
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The R Kelly trial begins with shocking opening statements

The highly anticipated R Kelly federal trial in Chicago has begun, and the disgraced singer has been hit with horrific allegations. The scandal surrounding the singer has been ongoing since approximately 2015, and across multiple states, the artist has been accused of sexual misconduct involving minors.

This latest trial in what has been a long series of court appearances is related to alleged possession of child pornography and obstruction of justice. Taking place in the singer’s hometown of Chicago, Kelly will face a jury for the proceeding, who will ultimately determine his fate. 

According to sources at the trial, The Chicago Tribune detailed how the singer received a brutal opening statement from the assistant US attorney (Jason Julien). During his opening statement, Julien declared, “The defendant, Robert Kelly, had sex with multiple children…he made videotapes of himself having sex with children, and these two co-defendants, Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown knew about it!”

Julien went a step further, claiming that he and his colleagues had evidence that the singer and his co-defendants had paid-off victims and witnesses in Kelly’s 2008 trial, which is what led to his acquittal. However, Kelly’s lead attorney was having none of this, according to The Chicago Tribune’s anonymous sources.

Jennifer Bonjean, when called to make her opening statement, claimed that Julien’s beliefs were mere falsifications designed to brainwash the jury as she proclaimed, “[Prosecutors] believe their evidence is going to show that he is a serial child sexual abuser. That’s what they believe.” She continued, “ it is true that Mr Kelly is imperfect. It is true that on his journey from poverty to stardom that he stumbled along the way. It is important when the government wants to paint him as a monster that you remember we are talking about a human being. We implore you to keep those emotions in check.”

According to sources, both opening statements were powerful, but ultimately the jury will decide the singer’s fate. If sentenced, the rapper will receive further imprisonment. The music industry is already confused about how they should treat Kelly’s music. However, most streaming services have ceased promoting Kelly’s music and do not include his music in their playlists

The trial will continue, and with a jury who will have to deliberate, it could be a long time until we get a decision. Hear more about the trial in the video below.