The Prodigy tease reworked ‘Breathe’ with RZA
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The Prodigy tease reworked 'Breathe' with RZA

The Prodigy have announced a remixed and reworked version of their 1996 hit ‘Breathe’ featuring contributions from legendary Wu-Tang Clan mastermind RZA.

‘Breathe’ was originally featured on 1996’s The Fat of the Land and reached number one in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, and a number of other European countries. The original recording already has ties to the Wu: the backing track includes a sample of Wu-Tang’s ‘Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ from Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

The new version of the song is being released with the additional parenthetical ‘Liam H and Rene Lavice re-amp’. It is set to be the first new music from the duo to be released under The Prodigy name since Keith Flint’s death back in 2019.

Despite the loss of their frontman, the remaining members of the legendary electronic act seem to be moving ahead with new music. It will be hard to imagine The Prodigy without the indignant and infectious energy of Flint, but if the duo’s plan is to bring in ringers like RZA to contribute to new tracks, there are certainly worse ways to carry on a legacy.

For his part, the once-prolific RZA has been relatively quiet over the past two years. Whether due to the COVID-19 lockdown putting a damper on his creative flow or thirty years of helming the biggest hip hop crew of all time weighing heavy on his shoulders, these days RZA mostly just posts daily meditative mantras on Twitter and continues to claim that he’s working on his solo LP The Cure, which has been in production since the start of the new millennium. Whether it actually ever comes out is the cruel joke of the larger Shaolin universe: we’ve waited twenty years, what’s a little longer?

Check out the tease for ‘Breathe (Liam H & Rene Lavice re-amp)’, which is set to come out on June 18, down below.