The pivotal song Dr Dre hated
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The pivotal song Dr Dre hated

Dr Dre is a mogul, entrepreneur and incredible musician and has been a legend within hip-hop for over three decades. However, the producer (real name Andre Young) doesn’t like all his music. Furthermore, one of his songs he hated. 

Many MCs release songs and projects that they end up hating. Eminem once revealed that he cringes when he listens to his album Relapse, and in an interview with Lex Fridman, Kanye West disclosed that he hated how ‘Stronger’ sounded in the clubs compared to Timbaland’s ‘SexyBack.’ However, neither Relapse nor ‘Stronger’ are considered part of the bedrock of hip-hop. 

Dr Dre, during his Death Row era, made anthems that advanced hip-hop. His innovative and forward-thinking music has stood the test of time, and to this day, Death Row is a legendary label. However, in 1992, Dr Dre released a song beloved by fans but hated by its creator. 

Reflecting on his early days at Death Row during a conversation on his GGN News Network YouTube Channel, Dre’s longtime collaborator and friend Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Broadus) disclosed some unknown information about the beatmaker and his creative process. 

In a conversation with renowned actor and comedian Michael Rapaport, the conversation turned to Death Row. Speaking about his favourite Death Row tracks, Rapaport declared, “You know what’s one of my favourite songs that I wonder if you guys have ever performed it live?”

He continued, “I was listening to it this morning as I was coming here, and I would put it this as one of my favourite songs is ‘Lil Ghetto Boy’,” To which Snoop responded, “Never”, revealing neither he nor Dre had ever performed that song live.

Broadus proceeded to reveal that Dr Dre can be very picky about which Death Row tracks they perform, “Not one time ever in my whole life! That’s crazy that you ask about that ’cause I always use to tell Dre, ‘Let’s perform this song, let’s do this song,’ but he’d be like, ‘Nah, I ain’t f*cking with that.” 

However, the Long Beach act then disclosed that Dr Dre didn’t even like to perform ‘Deep Cover’, unveiling, “He never like performing ‘Deep Cover’! He hated that song! Like he hated it to the point where he didn’t even wanna put it out!” The 1992 track was Dr Dre’s first solo single, and, to this day, he despises his own debut.

You can listen to ‘Deep Cover’ below.