The only book Eminem has ever read
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The only book Eminem has ever read

Eminem is the highest-selling hip-hop artist in the world. The rapper (real name Marshall Mathers) is known for his taunting and goading of other big names in music and acting. However, Slim Shady has undoubtedly shown copious amounts of respect to those who came before him. In fact, Mathers is such a fan of one rapper that his autobiography is the only text Slim Shady has ever read from beginning to end.

Born in Missouri but raised in Detroit, fans don’t know much about Eminem’s pre-fame life. The most prevalent narrative is that he was a battle rapper who was highly depressed and had no hobbies except rapping. However, this could not be further from the truth. Although Em had an affinity for hip-hop, the ‘Stan’ musician loved comic books. Furthermore, akin to Kanye West, Mathers was very good at drawing. It has even been unveiled that before he got exposed to battle rap, Slim Shady had his heart set on becoming a professional comic book artist.

However, concerning adult, long-form literature Mathers was uninterested. Magazines with cartoon images were the only books he would read. However, the autobiography of a particular rapper turned Eminem’s head and prompted him to pick up a book for the first time. To this day, the only book besides a comic that Mathers has ever completed is LL Cool J’s, I Make My Own Rules. The ‘Rock The Bells’ emcee wrote the book with help from the renowned co-author Karen Hunter. The writer has worked on various autobiographical projects such as Ma$e’s Revelations: There’s a Light After the Lime, Donda West’s Raising Kanye, and Queen Latifah Ladies First: Revelations of a Strong Woman.

As a self-proclaimed fan of the New York rapper, Eminem and LL Cool J have cultivated a mutual respect and friendship over the years. As such LL (real name James Smith) was more than happy to support Mathers at his book launch in 2008 and was a special guest at the star-studded book release party in 2008.

Entitled The Way I Am, book review website has described Mathers’ book as one that “shares his private thoughts on everything from his inner struggles, to the trials of being famous, to his love for his daughter, Hailie, creating a book that is every bit as raw and uncensored as the man himself. [It is] illustrated with never-before-seen photographs of Eminem’s home and life along with original drawings.

You can watch the two industry buddies performing on stage at the Rock Hall of Fame Induction ceremony in the video below.