The one song Kanye West regrets making

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The one song Kanye West regrets making

Hailed as a genius, Kanye West is a known perfectionist when it comes to his art. He has created and curated so many critically acclaimed projects that it seems unfathomable to us consumers that he has ever done anything but make perfect music. However, West’s opinions concerning some of his own music are damning, and he has revealed one specific song he now regrets making.

In 2004 Kanye released his debut album, College Dropout, which is considered a classic. However, after producing such an impactful body of work, West felt immense pressure to deliver a quality sophomore album. This was when the Chicago native began working on Late Registration—however, one song from the project he now regrets making. 

Released in 2005, one of Kanye’s most loved songs is ‘Gold Digger’, featuring Jamie Foxx. The track was very well received, but despite the single’s success, years later, the rapper, producer and entrepreneur revealed that he hated the song even when he was making it.

Released as the second single from Late Registration, Kanye produced the beat alongside record producer Jon Brion for Chicago female rapper Shawnna. However, due to complications, the instrumental remained in West’s hands. The song samples the 1954 track ‘I Got A Woman’ by singer and songwriter Ray Charles. Unsure how to attack the song as a rapper, West asked Jamie Foxx to help him create ‘Gold Digger’ by providing vocals.

Upon completion, when released by Kanye’s label at the time, Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella, the single went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, number two on the UK singles chart, and was certified platinum in over four countries. However, even after the record’s success, Kanye possessed a level of disdain for the song.

In a 2013 interview with former BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe, West explained how he “never really liked” ‘Gold Digger’ and that he really only released it for monetary reasons detailing that the music industry is given and take and that he had to make money in order to mature with his sound. In the interview, he explained his main goal in the industry was. Admitting the he regrets the release, West boldly stated, “I’m here to crack the pavement and break new ground, sonically.”