The odd reason Biggie Smalls walked with a cane
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The odd reason Biggie Smalls walked with a cane

The late Biggie Smalls is undeniably one of the greats. With multi-platinum hits and an unparalleled lyrical ability, as the face of Bad Boy Entertainment, the emcee (real name Christopher Wallace) is still considered a legend within the culture.

The larger-than-life figure was always more laidback compared to his counterparts and never showed the aggression of MCs such as 2Pac or DMX. However, in the latter stages of his career, Wallace ended up needing to use a cane to walk.

Many lyricists in the 1990s used canes. From Snoop Dogg to Too $hort, the stick, often used by pimps, became quite the status symbol. However, when Biggie Smalls used his, it wasn’t for his image but quite literally because he couldn’t move without it.

The Brooklyn native referenced it in his song ‘Long Kiss Goodnight’ on which he raps, “Ya still tickle me / I used ta be as strong as ripple be, ’till Little Cease cripple me.” Here, Wallace references an incident that saw his Junior M.A.F.I.A counterpart leave him injured.

Junior M.A.F.I.A was a supergroup created by Diddy comprised of Lil’ Kim, Lil’ Cease, Trife, Larceny, Nino Brown, Chico Del Vec, MC Klepto, Capone, and Bugsy. Their debut album, Conspiracy, peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200, and Wallace features throughout. 

Following the success of their project, Biggie began spending a lot of time with his Brooklyn friend Lil Cease. However, in 1996, the pair were involved in a car accident that left Wallace hospitalised with severe respiratory problems. Doctors reported it could have been fatal.

The injury forced the emcee to get operated on, and, as such, he had a metal rod put in his leg. This led to him needing six months of physical therapy to be able to walk again. This is the reason why in the latter stages of his career Wallace was always spotted with a cane.

In an interview with DJ Vlad for Vlad TV, Lil Cease explained that Wallace had spent a night in jail for possession of marijuana and unveiled that when he went to pick up the hitmaker, his Lexus wouldn’t start. As such, he had to loan a car. However, the automobile had faulty brakes.

Detailing the incident, Cease revealed, “We were turning around the corner [onto the expressway], and the sh*t just spun out of control; we crossed to the other side of the road and hit the rail, and that’s how he f*cked up his leg.”

Addressing the ‘Long Kiss Goodnight’, Cease unveiled, “I just had to laugh at it, man. What am I gonna say? It was real! But that’s how Big was. You go through some real experiences with him. That’s what’s gonna happen. He’s going to rap about you when he feels like it.”

You can listen to Lil Cease’s interview below.