The new school rapper Game called his “little brother”
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The new school rapper Game called his "little brother"

In the 2000s, Compton rapper The Game worked alongside G-Unit and FAtermath Entertainment to produce his 2005 album The Documentary. Executively produced by Dr Dre, the album contained some hits such as ‘Hate It or Love It’ and more. Now, he has unveiled that he has a love for a new school artist and called him his “little brother”.

Born and raised in Compton, although the emcee was part of an East Coast crew during the early days of his career, the Game (real name Jayceon Taylor) has always been a Califonia rapper at heart and in an interview with the online music publication HipHopDX, Taylor expressed why he has an affinity for Kendrick Lamar.

Taylor was present when Snoop Dogg passed the West Coast torch to Lamar in 2011 and, concerning his evolution, the emcee exclaimed, “I always knew Kendrick could be Kendrick, and Kendrick knew Kendrick could be Kendrick, so that’s pretty much why he is who he is and why he’s done everything he’s been able to accomplish.”

He continued, “I love how artistic his mind is when it comes to putting out these projects. I love that he never strays from where his heart is at the time and moment that he creates his projects.” The Game said he saw Lamar ascend when he was an unknown figure in the 2000s and knew he would be a star.

Furthermore, he said that his involvement in his career has been ongoing since the 2000s in the form of advice and friendship. Explaining his account of Lamar’s rise, Taylor asserted, “I’m always going to give him the love he deserves because I watched it first hand.”

He continued, “I was there, early Kendrick, I was there in Top Dawg’s crib, in the studio, in the basement. Watching him, watching this flower grow. So Kendrick is always going to be one of my favourites. Again, one of those big brother-little brother relationships.”

Lamar and the Game have collaborated once when Taylor asked the former to appear on his 2011 project, The R.E.D. Album. Their collaborative track was entitled ‘The City.’ You can hear the two Compton natives back to back in the video below.