The mysterious rapper Jay-Z called “very, very dope”
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The mysterious rapper Jay-Z called "very, very dope"

Jay-Z is a bonafide hip-hop legend and has likely forgot more about the music industry than most could dream of learning. As well as being an emcee, the Brooklyn legend (real name Shawn Carter) is also a label executive with an ear for music that has the potential to cause cultural shockwaves, and leave a lasting legacy.

Notably, throughout his career, Jay-Z provided an arm round the shoulders to rappers such as Kanye West and J Cole during crucial moments, taking to their respective careers to that next level. With that in mind, the one ingredient that he values above all is originality.

That said, in a 2013 interview with DJ Envy, Charlemagne Tha God and Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club, Jay-Z spoke about his love of the mysterious Jay Electronica, who he believes he is one of the most special hip-hop artists to ever grace the genre. During their conversation, Jay told the hosts that he thought the Louisiana emcee was “Very, very dope” but joked about how he never releases music.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Jay Electronica (real name Timothy Thedford) first burst onto the mainstream in 2007 due to his mixtape Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge). The rapper released the project via the social media website MySpace.

The project’s success led to the artist getting asked to join the travelling hip-hop festival Rock The Bells. Through his networking, Electronica managed to get a studio session with Roc-A-Fella producer Just Blaze. Creating a track, ‘Exhibit C’. The song was previewed on Tony Touch’s Sirius Radio in 2009.

Following this, he signed with the newly established Roc Nation under Jay-Z. However, he rarely releases music. In 2020, the New Orleans musician finally released his debut album, A Written Testimony, which heavily included Hov, who was credited on eight tracks. He released his second album in the same calendar year, before again drifting off into the shadows.

Jay Electronica rarely talks, and Jay-Z doesn’t conduct many interviews nowadays, either. However, Jay Electronica (real name Timothy Thedford) is the Frank Ocean of the rap world. He is a cryptic, puzzling artist who leaves fans wanting a lot of music that rarely arrives.

The connection between Thedford and Carter is not known by many as, unlike Kanye West. Furthermore, his music has never had a mainstream appeal. As such, he has always been in Jay-Z’s shadow, and lets the mystery do the talking on his behalf.

Although the pair have collaborated before on tracks such as ‘Book Of Rhymes’ featuring Yasiin Bey and ‘We Made It’, Jay Electronica’s erratic release timings and often unannounced music has meant many fans have turned their attention to more reliable artists. Nevertheless, every time he awakes from his musical siesta, the cult hero’s loyal legion hang on his every rhyme.