The movies Donald Glover can’t live without
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The movies Donald Glover can't live without

Childish Gambino (real name Donald Glover) is a seriously talented individual who is so versatile he can do just about anything. He can sing, rap, produce, act and even perform comedy. In addition to having a robust discography, Glover has an impressive filmography, and, on one occasion, he unveiled some of his favourite movies. 

In 2018, Glover released ‘This Is America’ which won him a Grammy award for ‘Best Music Video’. Many dubbed it a protest song, while others called it an offensive attack on America. It was polarising, but at the same time, began discourse around race, religion, gun laws and more. 

Following the release of his track ‘This Is America’ with its acclaimed music video, Glover went on an extensive press run to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story, a film released shortly after his track, which saw the vocalist play the role of Lando Calrissian.

As an actor, prior to filming Solo: A Star Wars Story, Glover had appeared in Mystery Team, The Lazarus Project, Magic Mike XXL, The Martian and even Spider-Man: Homecoming. The creative had even made appearances on Comedy Central Presents and was the creator and executive producer of his own comedy show, Atlanta. As such, it was no surprise he landed the role of Lando Clarissian.

That said, while doing his promo, in an interview with The Toronto Sun, Glover was asked what five albums he would want with him if he were stranded in perpetuity on a desert island.

After realising he had been put in a highly stressful yet critical situation, Glover stated, “This is very important. This is really intense.” Following this, The Oldest Computer creator made his first selection, picking the 1998 classic The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill. 

Taking a pivot and showing his broad taste, the Atlanta actor then confirmed his second choice, relaying, “Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon comes next.” Glover was insistent he wanted a Kanye West record in the top five but couldn’t pick 808s & Heartbreak, although that was his initial instinct. Confirming the project, he said, “808s is a good choice but I’m going to go with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

He concluded with Fiona Apple’s 1999 sophomore album When the Pawn… When asked about which movies he would need on the island, Glover was much quicker and swiftly listed “The Godfather, Back to the Future, Empire Strikes Back, League of Their Own and Cast Away.”

You can see the trailer for Glover’s 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story in the video below.

Donald Glover’s favourite movies:

  • The Godfather
  • Back to the Future
  • Empire Strikes Back
  • League of Their Own
  • Cast Away