The moment Kanye West forgot his lyrics on stage
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The moment Kanye West forgot his lyrics on stage

Kanye West has performed many times and has toured across the world. The College Dropout creator is known for putting on epic shows that blow the crowd away and has appeared at events alongside the best entertainers, such as Jay-Z, Travis Scott and others.

West has performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella, Rolling Loud and has the ability to pack out arenas by himself. No matter what he releases, fans go crazy for Kanye and pay extraordinary amounts of money to see him live.

However, on one occasion, while performing alongside his G.O.O.D Music artist, Big Sean West forgot the lyrics to a song and made a big blunder on stage in front of thousands who had paid to see him on tour.

In a recent interview with 247HH, the Detroit artist detailed when West forgot his lines and how he managed to recover from the situation. Recalling the incident, Big Sean told the online media outlet, “We were performing at the Levi’s FADER Fort for SXSW. We had a G.O.O.D Music showcase, and that was one of my first big concerts!”

He continued, “There was like 10,000 people in the crowd. He was basically premiering me as his new artist, and it was right before he brought me out he was performing ‘Good Life’ he forgot all the words. This was supposed to be my big introduction. So was just up there, then was just like ‘Fuck it man, Big Sean man, just come on’ right in the middle of the song.”

The Hall of Fame lyricist then ran onto the stage, saving Kanye. Admitting it was a bit of a mess, Big Sean stated, “He completely forgot the whole shit, I don’t know if people wanted to hear ‘Good Life’ live, but if they did, they didn’t get to hear it because he couldn’t remember shit!”

Despite the hiccup with Kanye, Big Sean said it was one of his most memorable performances ever and unveiled that he was just grateful to even be on stage at SXSW.

You can hear the G.O.O.D Music artist reflect on the performance in the video below.