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The icon Kanye West called the most "overrated" rapper ever

Few modern greats in the hip hop world can stand toe to toe with Kanye West. No matter your opinion of the polarising rapper/producer/designer, it’s hard to not declare him a true heavyweight in the current creative championship. Considering West is such an artistic visionary, it perhaps makes sense that he once labelled a legend in the rap game as “overrated”. That performer was none other than Tupac Shakur.

There’s no doubting the impact Tupac Shakur had on music. Aside from his intense charisma and charming personality, something he used to devastating effect, Pac was capable of some of the most incredible verses the rap world has ever seen. But, for West, the icon is nothing but an “overrated” and over-hyped musician. But it might not be such a rare opinion.

The truth is, Shakur never thought of himself as the most technically gifted rapper or indeed gifted lyricist. But what Pac did was commit to his craft and provide songs that were apparent reflections of the life around him. His charisma and his attitudes were as vitally crucial as his work on the mic. But still, despite being considered far from the top of his class, for West to label him as overrated feels a step too far.

West made the unbelievable comment while speaking at an aftershow soiree following the premiere of Jonathan Liebesman’s film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The conversation of Tupac arose when an unnamed onlooker suggested that Ye’s then-new album Yeezus had reminded him of Pac’s breakthrough Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. West was not impressed.

“How you gonna go compare my music to Tupac?” he said, “Tupac wasn’t no musician. He was an actor. What was he in? Juice? Above the Rim? He was the most overrated rapper in history, and you come up in here comparing him to me? A real rapper…a real star.” Of course, this is the exact kind of comment which has helped West to become that star.

Making outlandish comments has become a second language to West. Using his platform to gain further fame is the usual MO for the producer and rapper. However, one can’t help but feel this comment makes West look more blind than visionary. Not only has Pac sold over 75 million albums — let that sink in — but he’s also delivered some of the most emotionally charged and utterly human verses the rap world has ever seen. Comparing the two artist’s rhymes is like putting Picasso next to Damien Hirst — one is bold and sensitive, and the other is a marketing performance.

Listen below to Tupac’s ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’ and let us know if he still sounds overrated.